Face-booking: 2011- 2018

Facebook is facing growing government scrutiny in Europe, America, India, when allegations came out last week (the third week of March 2018), by a whistle-blower stating that 'Cambridge Analytica' - a British consultancy, had improperly accessed user data, to build profiles on American voters, which were later used to help elect Donald Trump in 2016.
Since last week's allegations, Facebook has lost close to $ 60 Bn in market value to-date in 2018, alone.
After few rounds of 'daring' responses, Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Elliot Zuckerberg had finally opted to admit stating, "I'm sorry that we didn't do much at the time", and interestingly his much awaited response to the issue (which came in the form of an apology) came out following the staggering hit on the stock value. 
Facebook was looking to buy out many press spaces in European and American newspapers and the largest social media network in the world has so far published this ful…

Emirates, Benfica & Safety

Why would Emirates send their crew to a football field - to do a demo in front of 65K Benfica fans? It's one of those usual stunts (by sponsors) you could see in a football game, but this time it's awesome, simply coz the activation blends in with Football - in this case, with S.L. Benfica of course, its enthusiastic fan-base and Emirates! 

We are talking about a football club of Portugal, which has been in existence for 111 years, with an estimated 5.8 million+ fans in Portugal, and a total fan-base of roughly 14 million+ worldwide.
In May 2015, Emirates struck a 3-year shirt sponsorship deal with the Lisbon-based football club and Emirates would be adding a second daily flight to Lisbon from January 1, 2016.
Since July 2012 Emirates has carried 500K passengers on the Dubai-Lisbon' route, and the second daily flight will lift capacity on the route to 10,000 seats each week! As per the stats from Emirates, since flights were launched in July 2012, a significant increase in cu…

A journey with passion...building the brand 'BnS'

Not definitely with a quest to build an entire 'Entertainment Empire', these two youngsters embarked on a journey, something catchy but dubbed with actions that attracted a lot of criticism from many corners in the society. They were singing/communicating to them Sri Lankans who were 'sandwiched' in the society, between those elite groups & hard-line extremists (in every aspect). 
Their products were unique & different, the impact was slow but steady, mesmerized some of the industry giants who believed the duo has a future ahead. A lot of sweat, tears and hard work went in, hours and hours wasted waiting to meet the big guns in media stations and record labels, to present their case.. one thing was obvious, with a bit of luck in their hands of course, they had a unique product on offer, backed by undying passion coupled with creativity, which meant "the future" for potential investors. 
As and when they get rid of one hurdle ahead of them, 10 new hurd…

NDTV's #TwitterFail paves way for a comprehensive look-out on Post PresPoll 2015

Following an interview with PM  Ranil Wickremasinghe, India's NDTV had tweeted (mis)quoting the PM "In principle, we have agreed to full autonomy to Tamil areas, Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe tells NDTV". Interestingly such statement has neither been recorded in the video clip nor mentioned in the article published in their website. Amidst the continuous requests on NDTV to clarify the tweet, some did a simple look back on the things. 

Sri Lanka's 'The Republic Square' had transcribed the full interview (with SL's PM) as appeared on NDTV's 18+ minute documentary "Truth vs Hype: Sri Lanka - Hope or Illusion?" and there remains a clear blunder as NDTV tweeted something extra-ordinary as opposed to what's been told by Ranil Wickremasinghe. 

While many, by now have concluded that NDTV has "sensationalized" the interview with PM Ranil Wickremasinghe as there remains a clear difference between the actual transcript a…

A master-mind behind the PM Modi's Election machinery to steer Pres Rajapakse's SM strategy

Arvind Gupta, head of the Bharatiya Janata Party’s IT division / IT Cell, a key figure in installing the former Gujarat Chief Minister Narenda Modi as India's 15th (Current) Prime Minister, has been hired by the Sri Lankan Government, in steering & strengthening President Mahinda Rajapakse's social media strategy. 

Arvind Gupta was a master-mind behind the PM Modi's Election machinery, especially its Social Media strategy and campaign execution. According to Indian media "If you see a shot of a pensive Modi in Varanasi — with a maze of buildings behind him — or looking natty in a blue linen kurta while leading foreign dignitaries, you probably have to thank Gupta for it."
He started working for BJP after selling his software firm back in 2009 and was in charge of websites, uploading videos of rallies and meetings, sending them to media houses, posting comments and releases — and rebutting opponents on the Net. 
Reports say, Arvind Gupta and his four-member t…

The learnings from the "All-whopping" Burger King Sri Lanka

For the food, especially for Burger lovers, this has been the most amazing news besides all the somewhat great dining deals that are offered by Pubs, star-graded establishments, restaurants, tea lounges to coffee shops and other fast food joints, during this Christmas season. 
Burger King; which was teasing the Sri Lankans' taste buds for a pretty long time with their announcements of opening its Sri Lankan Franchise was made possible via Softlogic Holdings PLC's new business unit which was set up as 'Softlogic Restaurants (Pvt) Ltd'. The official announcement was released in September 2, 2013, highlighting Softlogic Restaurants (Pvt) Ltd as the master franchisee, which entered into a Master Franchise and Development Agreement with BK AsiaPac Pte Ltd - a subsidiary of Burger King Worldwide, Inc (NYSE: BKW), and the master franchisor for the Burger King® System in the Asia Pacific Region.
Accordingly,  Softlogic Restaurants (Pvt) Ltd would be developing, operating and est…

Michael O'Leary hits it out again, this time does he mean to say negative publicity is sustainable?

According to O'Leary; Short of committing murder, negative publicity sells more seats than positive publicity. Charging for toilets continues to be the number one story that resurfaces in the press and it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Although this radical CEO + Marketing Director claims that they’d never done it, he claims it keeps coming up on social networks every three or four months, the media picks up on it and then someone writes a story on it.
Negative publicity generates so much more free publicity that it sells more tickets. 
Ryanair had 12 of its cabin crew, posing in bikinis to a calendar that is intended to raise up to £100,000 for Polish charity TVN; known as 2013 Ryanair girls charity calendar!